Getting around South America –

Getting around South America

Getting around South America


South America covers a huge expanse of land, about twice as large
as the United States.  Brazil alone is nearly the size of the U.S.  With so much land to cover, it’s imperative to know the best way to see the country,
especially if you have limited time on your vacation.  Though Latin America
can’t compare to the U.S. or even Western and Central Europe when it comes to
modes of transportation, it does have its fair share of adequate transportation
options.  Here’s a description of the basic modes of transportation in South America.



Since the distances are so
great, airline travel is a common form of transportation between different
countries within the continent.  In order to make air travel more convenient
and affordable, you can purchase an airpass from one of three different plans. 
The Mercosur Airpass entitles you to fly within and between Chile, Uruguay, Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil.  Your flight destinations must include at
least two different countries and you must be staying in the country for at
least seven days.  The only catch is that you must have an international
airline ticket in your possession. 


Purchasing a South America
Airpass is your second option.  With this airpass, you can travel to up to 49 different
destinations within the continent, as long as you travel to at least three
different locations.  Unlike the Mercosur Airpass which limits your travel time
to only 45 days, the South America Airpass is good for up to one year. 


A third option is to purchase
One World’s Visit South America Pass.  This pass flies to 10 different
countries within the continent, which includes 34 destinations.  The pass is
good for up to two months, and you’re required to fly to at least three
different locations.  You can only purchase this airpass outside of South America. 



Busses are a very common mode
of transportation on the continent.  For the most part, busses are
well-maintained and air-conditioned, and some even offer amenities such as
restrooms, reclining seats and blankets.  The nicest busses happen to be in Argentina, although Chile and Brazil both have decent busses.  Just keep in mind when
you’re traveling by bus that some destinations might take up to 18 hours or so
to reach. 

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